Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Oops Factor

Dinner at the in-laws went smoothly. As stated, I decided to play it safe: steamed green beans and lemons, salad with two homemade vinaigrettes, potato salad, pork chops (made my future father in law) and rhubarb pie. Aside from knocking over a glass of ice water into my future father in law's lap (oops!), I also grossly miscalculated the amount of red potatoes in my potato salad. I have a problem eye balling quanities, not for small things like teaspoons, 1/3 cups, 1/4 cups, but when it gets to full cups and vegetables, I'm lost. Matter of fact, when I used to make stir fries, I would end up with vats of stir fried vegetables.
So back to the potato salad. I started mixing it together and realized very quickly, I made way too many potatoes. As the rest of the group cheered on their ducks (long story), I was frantically adding dijon mustard, red wine vinegar and reduced fat mayo.
Now that I think of it, I had to improvise with a couple other dishes- the shallots I brought for the lemon vinaigrette were bad, so I used minced garlic and extra lemon. I also forgot the recipe so I am just assuming I got the rest right. :) I also braved the garlic scapes in the potato salad. So rather than my future post of garlic scapes:wtf, it will be garlic scapes: how great thou art.

All's well that ends well. The only goof that people saw was my graceful toppling of the ice water and he claimed that the rhubarb pie made up for it.

By the way, I will start including pictures soon. My camera is on the fritz so Manatee and I are going to start shopping. I will also try to get these recipes online in future posts. I am still finessing them. Just know that you don't need a lot of mayo to make an exceptional potato salad. :)

The reason I am tired and being a blogger slacker: Manatee and I did a relay triathlon this morning. He also wanted me to inform the world o blogging that we won the relay triathlon today. Just don't ask us how many entries were in that category....

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