Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hold Me Accountable

Now that I am finally feeling better, I am ready to jump back into cooking. Many of my friends are far more organized than I, and they actually plan a week's worth of meals before the week starts. I have decided to follow suit. Because I don't fully trust myself, I thought I would publish my plan on the blog and hopefully be held accountable.

I am also trying to make sure I use some of my awesome cookbooks as I have tendency to rely on recipes from magazines and the internet. So here is the week's plan:

Sunday: Finish up leftovers from this weekend: Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup, Roasted Tomatoes and Homemade pizzas.

Bake some kind of cookie

5 spice glazed salmon with sesame green beans
(Fine Cooking magazine)

Black Bean Soup with Sherry
(Fine Cooking magazine)

Hearty Chicken Enchiladas
(Taste of Home Casseroles, Slower Cooker and Soup cookbook)

Beef skewers with horseradish dipping sauce
(Everyday Food Fresh Flavors Fast cookbook)

Hopefully we will go out to eat :) or we will eat leftovers

The nice thing about this plan, if I can keep to it, is I will have leftovers for lunch so I won't have to worry about buying stuff to pack my lunch.

I will keep you posted on how well Manatee and I can keep to this plan. And knowing us, with all these meals there will be salads. :)


  1. So, did you bake cookies?? :) hope you are well!
    looks like a lot of cooking ahead!

  2. Good plan, this helps soo much to do!

    When I first started planning for the week, I would do a different recipe every night, lately that has gotten a bit overwhelming for me so I started doing 2-3 new ones each week and then some favorites the other nights.

  3. I did not bake cookies Sunday but I did bake some tonight. :)