Friday, May 6, 2011

CSA Ideas and Recipes

Bok Choy (I think a stir fry is in order!)
Lettuce Head
Salad Mix
Saute Mix

Ramps- After looking at several recipes for ramps, I decided to just incorporate them into other dishes I was making. I will use them in the following dishes:
  • Add some to the pizza I am making tonight (see arugula).
  • Roast them with smashed potatoes and mushrooms
  • Saute some up in the stir fry (see boy choy).
And for those of you looking for a recipe that features ramp, I found this really good one from Cooking Light: Warm Potato Salad with Ramps and Bacon. This is actually a bonus recipe because it also uses some radishes. I would make it this weekend but I need to coordinate oven temps for my Mother's Day feast and this just wasn't going to work. 

Bok Choy (I think a stir fry is in order!): I am going to do a stir fry with chicken, ramps, mushrooms and broccolini. I have some Soyaki sauce from Trader Joe's and I will serve it over brown rice.

Radishes: I am going to slice these up and toss them with 2 Tbsp of olive oil, 1 Tbsp of sherry vinegar and 1/4 tsp of Dijon mustard. I got the idea from Food and Wine magazine It's part of a larger salad but I am just going to serve it with the big green salad we will have on Mother's Day.

Chives: I learned last year that if you freeze chives right away, you will have fresh chive available whenever you need it. I threw mine in the freezer but I plan to use some on Monday to make a horseradish-chive sauce to go with a cedar-planked lemon-pepper salmon courtesy of Fine Cooking magazine. This is perfect because we got some Alaskan salmon from a friend a few weeks ago and we have cedar planks that we received as wedding gifts. 

Arugula: I love Arugula. Matter of fact, it's a staple in our house for salads. At first I was just going to use it for salads but we have so much other amazing salad mix, I decided to use it for my next favorite thing: pizza. Tonight we are going to make Asparagus and Ricotta Pizza topped with Arugula, recipe courtesy of Real Simple. This recipe pretty much combines all of my favorite things: pizza, arugula, Parmesan cheese, mushrooms and asparagus. I may just have to sub in some goat cheese for ricotta and this could be my new favorite meal. And as I mentioned, I will also be throwing on some ramps. 

Saute Mix- I think we are just going to saute this with some olive oil and have it with our salmon. 

Sorrel, Spinach, Lettuce Head, Salad Mix: Big green salad! I am going to try to make some homemade thousand island dressing because I know my mother doesn't like my Best Dressing Ever. I think she is a little crazy but it is Mother's Day. Thousand Island recipe will be include in the Mother's Day Feast post. Here is the recipe for my famous salad dressing:

Best Dressing Ever

1 cup olive oil
3/4 cup balsamic 
1/2 cup Dijon mustard

Combine, shake and enjoy. 

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