Sunday, January 16, 2011

When Manatee is Away...

Badger Girl doesn't do as much planning.

Manatee has a golfing trip this week. I am divided about how to proceed: tonight we are making a black bean and mushroom enchilada casserole and I am baking some molasses cookies. Tomorrow we are going out with some friends, but after that? I'm divided.

Part of me wants to tackle some of my cooking goals, particularly the ones of which I don't think Manatee will be very fond, namely the homemade macaroni and cheese, but then I have a huge pan of cheesey goodness and just me to eat it.

Part of me wants to rebel and eat all of the things he doesn't like: goat cheese, blue cheese, pasta, oh my!

Another part of me wants to tackle bread making and get some loaves made and frozen. Maybe do some preserves too.

And the other part of me wants to get takeout every night and spend the time doing more productive things, like reading books, watching movies and doing my nails.

If the ambitious Badger Girl presides then I will keep you updated. If you don't hear from me, be rest assured I am enjoying my Thai food with my trusty friends: TV, nail polish and my latest installment from BookSwim.

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