Thursday, February 24, 2011

Salmon Croquettes or what the hell was I thinking?

Tonight's happy hour was cancelled and Manatee was going to be home at a reasonable hour so I thought- great! I'll make a nice dinner for us. It will be relaxing. Get some wine to wine down from the first day back to work.
I didn't have anything planned and also didn't have many groceries in the house so I did a little googling at lunch time and found two recipes for Salmon Croquettes (via Cooking Light, my favorite cooking publication). I have been on a crab cake kick so it seemed like a good idea.

I haven't actually tried them yet as they are still chilling in the refrigerator. Lesson learned here: READ the ENTIRE recipe. I skimmed through two recipes and chose this one because it seemed to be more of my tastes in terms of ingredients. What I did not pay attention to: the amount of chopped vegetables and the amount of chilling.

Now for a normal work day where I had the ingredients at home, this would not be a bad recipe. But considering that I worked later than usual THEN went to Target THEN had a totally new checkout girl who was totally flummoxed by all of my produce (key codes, what are those?) and THEN had to deal with a tediously long recipe. Well, it's been a long night. I'm about ready to gnaw on my hand and am tipsy from the wine I drank as I prepared the meal.

I'll report on the salmon croquettes post-tasting, but my message to all of you loyal readers (all three of you): read a new recipe in its entirety. Watch out for 'chilling times' and the amount of chopped vegetables/spices required. This equals time and when you have had a long day and you're really hungry, time is of the essence.

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