Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Dinner Party of the Year

We are having a few friends over for dinner tonight. Generally at this point, I have a list of what needs to be done, when and I have already started cooking. It's almost noon, I'm still wearing my running clothes and have a vague list of what I have to do. What's leaving me puzzling is that for this dinner, we will be cooking as we go. Here's the menu:

-Grated Carrot Salad- can't be mixed together until prior to serving
-Spring Rolls: we are having everyone make their own because mine always turn out ugly.
-Chicken Pad See Ew- we'll have to cook it when everyone is here.
-Salted Butter Break Ups and fruit- also should be baked close to party time.

I'll keep you posted with pictures as we go. We began with a Thai theme but then I got a new cookbook last week, Around my French Table, and I couldn't wait to incorporate some of those recipes (Carrot Salad and Salted Butter Break Ups), so now it's a Thai/French theme.

More to come....

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